Sectors of operation

The CCM experts have participated in multiple projects in the civil infrastructure industry, volume, power, industrial, and water engineering sectors.

Proficiency in engineering technologies employed in these sectors and extensive engineering expertise of our Experts, complemented by appropriate skills and experience, ensure that our Clients are provided with the highest-quality expert support services. Our experience and knowledge are the key to the success of our Clients!

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Infrastructure engineering

Railway engineering

  • Stations and railway trails;
  • Railway junctions;
  • Industrial sidings;
  • Railway structures;
  • Signaling and train control systems and protection systems;
  • Catenary power supply systems;
  • Telecommunications systems;
  • Trackside power systems and technical systems;
  • Supporting infrastructure.

Road engineering

  • Highways (A) and expressways (S);
  • Public roads of other technical classes (GP – fast traffic trunk road, G – major road, Z – collector road, L – local road, and D – access road);
  • Road junctions;
  • Earthworks;
  • Retaining structures;
  • Supporting infrastructure;
  • Roads in developed areas (streets) and tramway tracks;.

Bridge engineering

  • Bridges;
  • Overpasses;
  • Viaducts;
  • Footbridges;
  • Underpasses.

Underground structure engineering

  • Subway;
  • Road and railway tunnels;
  • Pedestrian tunnels.


  • Modernizations and repairs of airport surface elements (including runways, taxiways, parking aprons);
  • Expansions of passenger terminal airport areas;
  • Supporting airport infrastructure.

RIC engineering

Public utility buildings

  • Railway stations;
  • Community buildings (including museums, cinemas, theaters, concert halls);
  • Science and school buildings (including universities, schools, research laboratories and facilities);
  • Health care buildings (including hospitals, clinics and institution buildings providing medical care).

Commercial buildings

  • Office structures;
  • Warehouse facilities;
  • Leisure and recreation facilities (including hotels, holiday houses);
  • Commercial and service facilities (including shopping centers, self-service department stores).

Sports & recreation buildings

  • Stadiums;
  • Sports and entertainment venues;
  • Swimming pools.

Residential buildings

  • Collective housing;
  • Apartment buildings;
  • Villas;
  • Tenement houses.

Power engineering

Power plants

  • Combined heat and power plants;
  • Wind-powered power plants;
  • Solar power plants;
  • Combined cycle power block;
  • Incineration plants;
  • Supporting infrastructure.

Overhead electricity power lines

  • Overhead transmission lines;
  • Underground transmission lines;
  • Overhead distribution power lines;
  • Underground distribution power lines;
  • Telecommunications lines.

Transformer stations

  • Transformer stations;
  • Transformer substations;
  • Polemount transformer stations;
  • Polemount switching stations.

Industrial engineering


  • Aboveground and underground oil products transmission pipelines;
  • Aboveground and underground chemical product transmission pipelines;
  • Water and wastewater transmission pipelines.

Gas mains

  • Aboveground and underground gas transmission pipelines
  • Underwater transmission pipelines;
  • Aboveground and underground gas distribution system pipelines.

Industrial buildings

  • Covered production buildings;
  • Gypsum production plants, cement works plants, construction materials plants;
  • Warehouse buildings;
  • Storage areas.

Industrial tanks

  • Liquid tanks;
  • Gas tanks;
  • Grain, cement and other bulk goods silos.

Hydraulic engineering

Inland waterway structures

  • Ports, harbors, and ship canals;
  • Dams (including dams, retention reservoirs);
  • Yacht marinas.

Sea waterway structures

  • Breakwaters, quays;
  • Shipyards;
  • Oil-derived port terminals.

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