We offer a vast range of expert support services for the construction industry. Our services are addressed to all construction process participants at each stage of project execution.

In the provision of our services, we employ the qualifications of our Experts with years of experience in providing consulting services to the construction industry, and their extensive knowledge of construction process organization and technology. With their know-how and professional input, we provide our services at the highest level of expertise.

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The portfolio of expert support services offered by CCM Construction & Claims Management includes these areas:

Claims Management

We excel in the effective enforcement of contract claims and defense against them. With us, you will secure your contract with the necessary documentation should a legal dispute arise.

Contract administration

We boast many years of experience in providing comprehensive services for construction projects, in terms of administration and formal aspects. With us, you will secure proper administrative handling of your project and compliance with applicable procedures.

Contractual consulting

We define strategies and implement internal procedures to maximize profit and minimize cost. With us, you will enhance your project’s prospects of success.

CCM Dispute Resolution Institute

The CCM Dispute Resolution Institute organizes professional expert support for common and arbitration courts.

Private Expert Witness opinions

Our Experts are authors and co-authors of a series of private opinions verifying and strengthening the position of the Plaintiff / Claimant in proceedings before common courts, thereby improving the chances of success in litigation.

Court Expert Witness opinions

Our Experts are court experts and authors of a series of opinions based on common court decisions.

Dispute avoidance and resolution

Our Experts hold the necessary qualifications and have extensive experience in applying Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, such as negotiation, mediation, and conciliation.

Third-party funding

We assist investment funds in assessing the legitimacy and value of construction contractors’ claims.

Training courses

We share our experience with construction process participants by delivering a customized author training course.



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